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Physio Assessment

30 MINUTES xxX Yen • 60 MINUTES xxx Yen

If you have pain, a pre-existing condition or a new injury from your skiing/boarding, our team of internationally-qualified Physiotherapists will be able to help you. Their international Physio registration also means you may be able to claim back on your travel insurance. 


Group / Private Pilates


Our internationally qualified Pilates instructors offer both private or small group Pilates workouts on Pilates equipment.  Pilates is a series of exercises which focus on building muscle strength and tone, increasing flexibility, enhancing body alignment and improving posture.


Pre-Ski / Board Conditioning Class


Our team of Instructors also offer specialised pre-ski/board warm up classes In the morning to help you stay injury free on the slopes!


Deep Tissue Massage


In need of a deep tissue massage to relieve those aches and pains?
Come in for a sports massage to get those muscles functioning at their optimum again!